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The duties of the pipefitter are to correctly assemble piping components based on a detailed drawing.  This includes selecting the correct material, dimensions (both linear and angular), and observing stated specifications and tolerances.  The duties of the pipefitter may also involve the welding of smaller joints including but not limited to socket welds, structural fillet welds, and tack welds.  The pipefitter should be knowledgeable in basic mathematics, geometry, trigonometry, and general pipefitting techniques.  Ability to tack and weld using the GTAW process is required.

Welders must have knowledge of welding techniques, procedures, and applications of welding equipment involving fabrication of ferrous and non-ferrous components in a manufacturing facility.  Fabricate components using proper techniques, procedures, specifications and detailed drawings.  Welders must be proficient in the operation of GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and FCAW welding processes in all positions.